Dose 5 – Petey Comes Home

Petey had another fantastic day, despite eliminating all of the non-essential medications last night.  His temperature is perfect at 101.2, he’s eating very well without any appetite stimulant or anti-nausea meds, and his energy level is back to normal.

Tonight was my first time administering the GS injection, with the supervision and guidance of a vet tech.  We started with a shot of B12, just as a practice round.  Piece of cake.  It went in effortlessly and Petey didn’t even flinch.  He took his Denamarin in a pill pocket and didn’t fuss in the least. Next was the GS and I will admin, it kind of sucked. The medication is very viscous and hard to push, and Petey did cry and pant a bit while I was injecting him.  After a little ear and head scratch, all was forgiven and he was running around the exam room, using the scratching post, and climbing all over the kitty tower. 

He’s perfect and it was time to come home, finally! 

Five shots down, 79 more to go… but my little dude is kicking FIP’s ass like the Warrior that he is.  


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