Petey’s 1st Birthday

Petey turned 1 year old today which, if you’re a parent of an FIP kitten, you know is an incredibly remarkable milestone and one that puts us so much more at ease. He’s now 6.5 months post-diagnosis, 3.5 months post-treatment, and 0.5 months post-observation period. He is absolutely perfect in every way (well, maybe not so much with his manners after being spoiled rotten for the last 6 months).

Since Petey’s diagnosis, there have been 5 more FIP kittens in my small town, all of whom were inspired by his outcome to try GS. Baby Mihalek was just too young and too sick to keep fighting (RIP sweet boy), but the others are thriving and will beat this too. One of my former clients is a vet in another state and was previously a skeptic about using unregulated meds but after seeing Petey’s success, she’s treating an FIP cat in her practice and that cat is also thriving.

If you have found this blog while searching for information about FIP, it’s scary as shit. There are 16,000+ of us who know that all too well because we’ve all been there. Odds are, you never even heard of FIP until being handed the dreaded diagnosis and the grim words “there’s nothing you can do to save your cat”. There is a ton of misinformation out there. Some vets don’t even know about GS yet, some know of Dr Pedersen’s field study but aren’t aware that GS is accessible, others choose not to get involved with GS because it’s unregulated and they cannot legally prescribe it, and many others have seen that it works and will educated their patients about it. We were extremely fortunate to have a vet who was all-in and willing to try anything that could potentially save Petey, and she is now using that experience to save even more cats from FIP. The bottom line is that GS is the ONLY cure for FIP. It’s unregulated, it can be pricey (some brands much more so than others), the injections suck, and you will need to be committed to 84 days of treatment, during which there will be good days and bad days. But at the end of those 84 days, it’s all worth it to have a healthy, thriving cat. Petey is just one of thousands of survivors who have been cured with GS.

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