6 Weeks Post-GS

Today marks the halfway point in the 84-day observation period following treatment.  We celebrated with pizza and cake to honor all of the hard work and dedication of #TeamPetey. Without his amazing vet and vet techs, his journey would have been exponentially more difficult, and may not have ended as well as it has. This amazing team went above and beyond their call of duty every day, to make certain that he had the best care possible. There are no words to express our gratitude for their care and commitment to my little fluff-nugget. 

Petey made a guest appearance to soak up some hugs and kisses from everyone. He’s doing amazingly well and has gained another half pound, currently at 11 pounds on the dot. 

He’ll be 10 months on the 24th and has started to outgrow his crazy-kitten stage, though he and Jaxson still manage to run a triathalon around 3am every day.  Stealing my straws and pens never gets old either. Mostly though, he prefers to spend his time snuggling and that’s perfectly ok with me. 

Six more weeks of observation and we will be officially declared cured!  



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