GS Dose Calculator

Please contact an FIP Warrior admin for assistance in determining the appropriate starting dose for your cat.

Throughout the course of treatment, remember to weigh your cat frequently and increase his/her dose accordingly with weight gain.  Also, if you change brands, you will need to recalculate due to the difference in concentration. 






*IMPORTANT: The oral med estimator is based on the very general dosage of 1 tablet/kg for wet/dry and 2 tablets/kg for ocular/neuro. Exact dosage may vary based on the cat's symptoms and general condition. PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR ADMIN FOR YOUR CAT'S DOSAGE AND DOSE.

Several brands offer different strength tablets, which will affect the number of pills given and in some cases, the frequency given, but this will not affect the price.


*PLEASE NOTE* The number of vials/tablets and the cost estimate are based on your cat's current weight. It is not possible to predict how much weight your cat will gain during the 84 days of treatment. Please assume that the number of vials/tablets and cost estimate will be greater that estimated, due to weight gain.
**You do not have to purchase all of the medication at once.

Dedicated to all FIP angels.

All information contained on this website is compiled from real-life experiences of cat owners who are currently, or have previously treated their cats for FIP.  Most of us are not veterinarians and the  information provided within is not intended to substitute or replace medical care by a licensed veterinarian. 

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