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Zen By Cat: Supports the research of Dr Niels Pedersen.Dr. Pedersen and others at UC Davis have made great strides in their research and have successfully cured 25 cats from FIP with GS441.

The Bria Fund: All donations go directly to Winn Feline Foundation’s Bria Fund. To date, the Bria Fund has sponsored 24 studies leading to progress made in all aspects of FIP including treatment. 

SOCK FIP: The U.C. Davis Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH) relies entirely upon private donations to support its clinical research to improve the health and well-being of companion animals. Please support the researchers at the U.C. Davis Center for Companion Animal Health by sending a donation for FIP research.

FIP Care & Support Groups

FIP Warriors: Facebook group for owners who have treated with, are currently treating with, or are considering treating with GS441 or GC376.  There are hundreds of veterinarians in the group who can also assist in reviewing diagnostics, recommending supportive care and curing FIP with GS. 
*FIP Warriors are the most experienced users of GS and the only FIP group ever to be endorsed by Veterinary News Network! Read the VIN article here.  

FIP Related Websites Follow Smokey, long term FIP survivor who was part of Dr Pedersen’s GC376 case study in 2016.  Keep up to date with new developments in FIP research, buy cool stuff & help end FIP, explore the House of Nekko, and watch awesome cat videos. Our Cats and Kittens from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (SOCK FIP) is a volunteer non profit organization dedicated to eliminating Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) through advocacy, community education and financial support for UC Davis-CCAH FIP Research.

Dedicated to all FIP angels.

All information contained on this website is compiled from real-life experiences of cat owners who are currently, or have previously treated their cats for FIP.  Most of us are not veterinarians and the  information provided within is not intended to substitute or replace medical care by a licensed veterinarian. 

Attention FIP Warriors members:

Our FB group is experiencing technical difficulties as of August 11, 2020. Please click below to join our temporary back-up group so you can stay connected.