Day 84 – The Final Dose

We’ve finally made it!  Today is day 84 and Petey’s final injection! He has been such a little trooper throughout the entire course of treatment but I’m sure that he won’t miss going to the vet every day.

During the past 12 weeks on GS, Petey has grown from 6 lbs 5 oz to 10 lbs 8 oz.  His starting A:G ratio was 0.7, currently 1.0 and expected to rise more in the following weeks. 

His CBC and chemistry panel are perfect and have been since his 8 week check-up. His ultrasound shows perfectly healthy organs and GI tract with no signs of FIP. Outwardly, he looks and acts like a healthy, crazy 8.5 month old kitten who plays hard and snuggles even harder.  

We now start the clock for the next 84 day period, during which he will need to be watched and monitored for any potential relapse. On January 26, 2020, we can officially announce that Petey is cured!

Attention FIP Warriors members:

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