Dose #6

First Time Injecting Him On My Own

I’m not going to lie, the idea of giving Petey an injection on my own, without his vet’s assistance, was daunting.  For 3 hours, I struggled with the best way to hold him, give the injection, and not hurt him.  Throughout these hours, I flinched way more than he did.  I contemplated taking him the the veterinary hospital and having one of the vet’s there give it to him.  But that would be an all night affair, costly, and stressful on both of us.  

I decided to give him a pouch of Delectable Lickables, tuna flavored. He is crazy about these and does not get them very often, since they are basically the McDonalds of cat food.  As he lapped up his tuna flavored slurry, I injected his left shoulder with 0.9ml of GS.  Not so much as a flinch or a meow out of him, and he never broke stride with eating his treat.  Success!  

During the night, his energy level was off the charts.  He resumed his 4am crazy kitten antics so much so that he woke me up several times during the night.  It was totally worth it to see him running, jumping, chasing and wrestling with Jax (pictured above) and Gem.  

Six doses down and he is back to his old self and well underway to kicking FIP’s ass. 

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