Dose 4

Eliminating Non-Essential Medicines

On Thursday, August 15, 2019, Petey’s doctor stopped all non-essential medicines, as per Dr. Pedersen’s GS441 field study protocol.  

Since he has been eating properly and getting his full nutritional needs without any vomiting or diarrhea, Cerenia, Cyproheptadine, and the multi-vitamin were eliminated this evening.  

He has no outward signs of anemia, so B12 and Pet Tinic were also eliminated. 

Gabapentin was given orally about an hour before his injection, to help reduce the sting.  He received his 4th dose of GS, 0.91ml, at 7pm along with Denamarin to protect his liver. There is still concern for a concurrent infection so he did continue with a dose of oral Veraflox (anti-biotic). 

His temperature has come down further to 100.2 and he is eating, grooming, and acting like a perfectly healthy 5.5 month old kitten.  With the changes in his medication, he will stay in the hospital for another 24 hours for observation and monitoring. If he continues to thrive as he is now, he will be coming home tomorrow.  

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