Dose 2

Petey received his 2nd dose of GS at 6:00PM last evening. 

I spoke with his vet tech at 11:00AM today and she couldn’t wait to tell me about his progress.  His temperature was 102.1 this morning (awesome) and not only did he eat the entire bowl of food she’d left for him last night, but he devoured a full size can of a/d for breakfast and was still asking for more, so she gave him a second can and he finished all of it too. 

She said that he was bright, alert, and watching all that was going on around him, meowing at her and rubbing his face against the stuffed animal that she put in his cage with him.  

When I visited with him this evening, he had ate another full can of food for lunch and was working on yet another for dinner.  He was meowing and chirping at me when I approached his cage, and when I unlatched the door, he pushed it open and leaped into my arms. He couldn’t decide what he wanted more…ear scratches, chin scratches, or belly rubs and he was practically twisting himself inside out to get all of them at once. 

His doctor was giddy with excitement over how quickly and successfully he’s transformed.  After only 2 injections, he looks and acts like a perfectly healthy kitten! It’s too soon to run new blood or chemistry panels on him just yet, but she checked his abdomen and the fluid is subsiding.  

He received his 3rd dose of GS at 7:00PM tonight, along with oral Denamarin (liver protection), his final Baytril injection (anti-biotic), Veraflox, oral Cerenia (anti-nausea), B-12 injection (for anemia), oral Pet Tinic, and a multi-vitamin. 

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