One Dose Down

Dose 1: The Following Day

Recall that Petey had his first dose of GS at 6:00pm last night: 0.9ml of mutian brand.  

When I spoke with his veterinarian at 10:00AM this morning, his fever had finally broke and his temperature was now at 102.2, which is well within the normal temperature range for a cat.  He had picked at his food during the night, but not so much that supplemental syringe feeding wasn’t necessary. 

I visited Petey at 4PM. When he heard my voice, he leaped to his feet and was head-butting the door of his cage, stretching a paw through the door to grab my arm.  When I opened his cage door, he climbed into my arms, flopped onto his back and asked for a belly rub.  His Siberian triple-purr filled the room for the first time in a week.  He was giving nose kisses and soaking up the attention and snuggles. 

He was a bit unsteady on his feet but it appeared to be weakness more so than potential ataxia or neurological symptoms, and he tired easily. 

At 6:00PM, he had his 2nd dose of GS along with his B12 injection,  Baytril injection, Cerenia, Cyproheptadine, Veraflox, Pet Tinic and a multi-vitamin. Denamarin was added for liver protection with the GS. 

When it was time for me to leave, he was sitting at the door of his cage, meowing at me and reaching his paw out the door. Heartbreaking to have to leave him behind, but a good sign that he was so much more animated tonight.  

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