Day 75 & Petey’s Neuter Surgery

Petey turned 8 months old yesterday and had reached maturity about 4 weeks ago. He had been acting aggressive and dominant, and he was humping non-stop.  

After much discussion with my vet and a consult with Dr Pedersen, I opted to have him neutered today, while he still has 10 more injections left to complete his treatment. Since neuter surgery is a known trigger for FIP, it made sense for him to undergo the surgery while he will still be protected by GS throughout his healing period. Lab results from last week confirmed that he is in perfect health and able to undergo the procedure safely. 

His surgery went beautifully and he came home tonight, acting as if nothing had happened at all. 

He’s currently 10 pounds, 3 ounces and getting 1.5ml of GS per day, with 0.25ml of B12 mixed in to reduce the sting.  Now with the larger dose, he is starting to fuss a bit during the injections. Thankfully there are only 9 more to go and he will be done!


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