Day 66 and New Diagnostics

Due to scheduling, Petey’s 8 week exam was a little closer to 9 weeks, or day 66 of treatment.  Petey had a CBC, chemistry panel and ultrasound to gauge his progress clinically. 

I couldn’t be more excited with his diagnostic results.  His CBC and chemistry panel are perfect, with all values within normal limits.  His ultrasound found no lesions, inflammation, of pockets of fluid. Clinically, there is absolutely no trace of FIP! 

Physically, Petey looks and acts amazing.  He has just surpassed 10 pounds and has a perfectly muscular, sturdy Siberian build. He is the most active and inquisitive of my 4 cats, always getting into something, but he loves his snuggle time too. 

Based on his current lab results, Petey could likely end treatment early. After much discussion with our vet and a consultation with Dr. Pedersen, instead I’ve opted to have him neutered during the course of treatment and finish the full 84 days.  



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