Petey’s update

Many people have asked for an update on Petey and I am thrilled to say that he is 100% perfect. He is now 1 year and 8 months old and true to the Siberian breed, he is still very much a kitten in terms of his energy level and crazy antics. 

Some of his recent accomplishments include learning how to open kitchen cabinets to help himself to treats (and also to my dishes, which he likes to fling to their early demise), performing tightrope acts across the curtain rod above the bay window, and swinging from chandeliers, hanging planters and candle holders, well, just because he can. 

At 14 months post-diagnosis, his physical exam and lab work remain perfect too. He has absolutely no residual issues from FIP, or from the injections. My youngest, his best little buddy, is still positive for FCOV and is shedding it regularly, but Petey’s immune system is strong enough now that it is not affecting him in the least. 

There’s not much more to say about my beautiful maniac, so I leave you with some of his most recent photos…  

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