Dose #30 – One Month Down

Petey had a new CBC and chemistry panel run on September 2nd, or day 25 on GS. Those results are in and look amazing.  All typical markers of FIP have resolved, though he does have a slight elevation in his SDMA value.  Dr Pedersen has reviewed the lab work and is not concerned with this temporary elevation though, so Petey will continue with treatment as planned. 

He has gained more weight and is now at 8 pounds, 1 ounce.  He’s currently using the lesser expensive brand and progressing equally well with it.  His dose has nearly doubled from where he’d started; originally at 0.7ml and currently at 1.2ml. This brand is slightly more viscous and he does have a couple small scabs at injection sites, though I do not know if it’s due to the difference in brands or the increased dose he’s getting.  At any rate, the lesions are small and will resolve on their own in a few days.  They’re a small price to pay for a long, healthy life ahead of him. He doesn’t mind the injections and welcomes the treats he gets immediately after. 

Overall his health, appearance and activity level are 100% perfect for a 6 month old kitten!   

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